Cow Ghee

Ghee is culinary gold, excellent cooked butter refined with fire. It is the most versatile and imperishable oil. Ghee is known almost all over the world, with roots supposedly originating from South Asia. Real Ayurvedic cuisine simply does not exist without Ghee and praises it mostly for its wholesome characteristics. In culinary tongue, it is denoted Culinary gold. It is known to be the secret ingredient of many gourmet cooks. For years I have been asking my Grandma about the secret which makes the food so delicious... we only get a smile as an answer, I am sure it is Ghee :)

Barosi Cow Ghee is cooked cow milk butter. Through an extremely slow cooking process, the butter is refined – carbohydrates, proteins, casein, lactose, impurities and water are removed, leaving only pure fat or oil. Barosi Ghee is one of the most body-friendly fats, for it does not contain trans-fatty acids. It is made from natural milk and does not raise cholesterol levels. It is ideal for all Indian cuisine and a real discovery for those who enjoy making cookies, sponge cakes, muffins and other sweets. We encourage you to include in your diet several different fats, as the body needs a wide spectrum of elements.

  • 100% Natural and Pure
  • Chemical and Adulterant-free
  • Made traditionally from Churned Butter at our farm using the Bilona Padati method
  • Healthy and hygienic methodology keeps the nutrient value intact
500 ml
₹ 499

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