Jaggery (Plain)

You can relate to Jaggery If you were raised in the countryside. It is also known as the countryside chocolate with an earthy sweetness. When the jaggery addiction hits, it hits hard. Most times when you have a piece of the rich dark jaggery, you get so transfixed by its deep sweet taste, almost burned in flavour, with mineral and coffee overtones, that you find yourself coming back to it, again and again, until suddenly you realise it is entirely eaten away.

Barosi's Jaggery is free from any type of chemical and genetically developed crop. It is obtained through the natural process, hence all the authenticity with its nutrients are intact in this product. It is a tasty and healthy alternative to refined sugar. Jaggery is also considered to be a rich source of iron, calcium, magnesium, essential amino acid, minerals and vital vitamins. It is used to treat anemia and magnesium helps strengthen the nervous system.

Along with Ghee, Jaggery is recommended as an effective immunity booster in winter.

  • 100% pure and made from natural sugarcane juice.
  • Made with traditional methods to keep the nutrient value intact.
  • Using Bhindi (Lady Finger) to remove the impurities from Jaggery, completely chemical free
  • Low in calorific value
  • Effective antioxidant
  • Immunity Booster
1 Kg
₹ 110

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