Jaggery - Sesame Seed & Dry Ginger

Barosi Jaggery is made from natural, unrefined sugar made with traditional methods. It is further fortified with sesame seeds and ginger to increase its medicinal and antioxidant properties. This premium jaggery version from Barosi is tastier, healthier and a mouth- freshener option for your dinner table.
Along with Ghee, Jaggery is recommended as an effective immunity booster in winter.
  • 100% pure and made from natural sugarcane juice.
  • Sesame seeds provide extra fibre and roughage. It is also known to lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels, fortifying bone health.
  • Dry Ginger has proven health benefits of weight loss, digestion and several other medicinal properties to treat cold, cough, amongst others.
  • Made with traditional methods to keep the nutrient value intact.
1 Kg
₹ 120

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