White Butter

In India, preparing 'Makhan' or White Butter at home has been an age-old affair, so much so that the traces of its history can be linked to Hindu mythology, wherein Makhan was Lord Krishna’s favourite food.

White Butter reminisces us of Maa making Aloo Paranthas and serving it with dollops of White Butter, and winter afternoons spent in the backyard relishing 'Makke di Roti & Sarson da Saag' with a generous serving of creamy White Butter. Freshly made White Butter has its own charm, Its creamy texture offers an exceptionally satiating feeling to your palate. White Butter is made with fresh milk and cream. The best part about it is that it is unsalted, unlike yellow butter that has a lot of salt, compromising its nutritional values and flavour.

White butter is packed with the goodness of Milk Proteins, healthy saturated fats, Vitamin D and A, which help in boosting immunity and is good for bone health. In fact, adding a dash of White Butter can not only accentuate the taste of a dish, but at the same time it helps in giving your body the right dose of antioxidants and vitamin E. This improves digestion, metabolism and works miraculously for a healthy glowing skin.

At Barosi, we prepare White Butter by freshly churning the curd made from our Farm Fresh milk. The residue left after churning the curd is then thickened and turns into White Butter. It is then hygienically packed in 200 ml Glass Jars and delivered fresh to your doorstep.

Enjoy it with Breads, Rotis, Paranthas or Sandwiches!

250 gms
₹ 180

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